SR Auto Group Wild Bull is another DMC Aventador Spezial Version heading

SR Auto Group Wild Bull is another DMC Aventador Spezial Version

SR Auto Group Wild Bull is another DMC Aventador Spezial Version

By Mark Smeyers on November 1. 2013 in LamboNEWS.

We've all seen the very impressive DMC Aventador Spezial Version before, being an option to the DMC Molto Veloce kit that is only available to a very select group of Lamborghini Aventador owners ... only 10 of these SV kits will be sold and you can only 'apply' to become the owner of the DMC Spezial Version after which DMC decides if your specific Aventador wouldn't interfere with another DMC SV edition nearby.

SR Auto Group based in Canada was able to obtain one of the rare DMC Aventador Spezial Version kits to be installed onto an Arancio Argos finished V12 Lamborghini. In this case the entire set has been installed, including the massive front bumper with those typical SV style vertical fins, the side sills are present together with the lower diffuser at the rear ... and the Spezial Version rear fascia in combination with the beautiful high riding rear wing.

All DMC Spezial Version parts are finished in carbon fiber, and usually these show a nice glossy finish ... SR Auto Group managed to surprise us with a 'Dry Carbon Fiber' look ... a satin matte top coat that blends in perfectly with the matte black finish in the impressive ADV.1 wheels.

These wheels are the classic five spoke 5.1 SL model, 9x20 inch up front and 12.5x21 inch at the back, it has to be said these wheels fit the Aventador wheel arches like a glove ... looks like they were meant to be installed on an Aventador in the first place, covering a set of silver finished brake calipers these matte black rims are just right.

This orange Wild Bull not only looks good ... by installing an IPE (Innotech Performance Exhaust) system specifically developed for the Lamborghini Aventador the soundtrack took a turn for the best ... the Bull emit a thundering howl now ... looks and sound match completely.

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