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Lamborghini Countach Retro Concept

Lamborghini Countach Retro Concept

By Mark Smeyers on January 4. 2019 in LamboNEWS.

We've seen a redesign of the Lamborghini Countach before, concepts to pull this legendary design into the 21st century have been done before, even with hybrid power like the Countach Spirit concept from 2017 or the Countach Concept EV by Flavio Adriani made in 2003 ... and lately the TopGear requested recreation.

But there is one more now ... and I have to admit it does look really good, designer Jimmy Nahlous created a new Retro Concept closely based on the original Countach LP400 with the famous 'Periscopa' roof and the more recent 25th Anniversary edition.

A classic design brought into the 21st century by Jimmy Nahlous with his Countach Retro Concept

For the wheels, he took inspiration from the famous Lamborghini Bravo, taking the 'telephone dial' design to the next level and using 17-inch up front and 18-inch for the rear, while the engine cover is similar to the one from the original LP400 but now with glass sections so you can admire the engine below.

Jimmy's father owned an actual Lamborghini Countach back in the mid-Eighties, but that car had left the family before Jimmy was born, it would, however, remain a very important vehicle when he grew up, and at the age of 12 Jimmy pieced together a plan to be able to buy this very Countach back one day.

It would take Jimmy Nahlous several months to design a modern version of the Lamborghini Countach, his Retro Concept immediately reminds us of this legendary supercar from the Eighties, while it does look like a modern car with LED headlights and special taillights complete with air vents ... no more pop-up headlights on this next generation Countach.

I rather like this combination of black over gold wheels for a Countach Retro Concept

Jimmy has already created parts of a 1/4 scale model of this Countach Retro Concept, and he made a complete model in 1/10 scale he could fit onto an R/C chassis ... but now this designer is taking his idea one step further ... he's in contact with companies that might be able to produce his concept in real life.

Production of the chassis is being discussed while the entire body of this Countach Retro Concept could be made in carbon fiber ... wouldn't it be great to one day see this Concept on the road, being available for sale, even when built in very limited numbers, I'm sure there is a market out there for a Retro Concept of the amazing Lamborghini Countach.

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