Gallardo on Egoista style PUR wheels heading

Gallardo on Egoista style PUR wheels

Gallardo on Egoista style PUR wheels

By Mark Smeyers on January 2. 2014 in LamboNEWS.

Back in November 2013 well-known rim manufacturer PUR Wheels introduced a stunning looking now design, they call it the RS05 but we all recognize it as the Lamborghini Egoista style wheel ... I even created an Aventador Egoist based on this wheel ... a V12 with Egoista inspired aerodynamic kit.

Only a few days after the official unveil at the 2013 Sema show in Las Vegas we received photos of a magnificent looking matte grey Lamborghini Aventador with a complete PUR Aero kit (the styling division of PUR) and rolling on these beautiful RS05 wheels ... the overall package looked really, really good I have to admit.

Now we can show you the PUR RS05 wheel on a bright white Lamborghini Gallardo ... and not just any Gallardo, this is in fact the 2013 edition of the LP560-4 ... you know, the one with the new, triangular styling used for the front bumper and rear fascia ... you either love it or hate it ... at first glance you might wonder how you feel about it, but this design does grow on you, and I have to say this one looks hot.

SR Auto Group created this white Bull, opting for a high gloss chrome finish on the RS05 PUR Wheels, 8.5x20 inch up front and 11x20 inch at the rear, looking at the photos it looks like the suspension was lowered a bit too, especially at the front where the tire is nearly touching the fender ... also note the contrasting, orange painted brake calipers visible behind these wheels.

At the rear we find a very aggressive, race inspired rear wing in clear carbon fiber ... it looks like a Murciélago Super Veloce rear wing with vertical fins added on either side ... on the side of this Gallardo we found a TriColore stripe design that reminds us of the final Gallardo evolution made, the LP570-4 Squadra Corse.

Upon closer inspection we also found a purely cosmetic decal on the front hood ... they look like the air vents first seen on the Sesto Elemento and later used for the 2013 specs Blancpain Super Trofeo race car ... in fact IMS Automotive Design offers a replacement front hood that shows carbon sections here, but in this case it looks like the owner settled for a black decal only ... still looks nice however.

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