A new Lamborghini branded Cervélo bicycle  heading

A new Lamborghini branded Cervélo bicycle

A new Lamborghini branded Cervélo bicycle

By Mark Smeyers on September 28. 2020 in LamboNEWS.

Two years ago, at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show, Lamborghini unveiled the Cervélo P5X bicycle, a special limited edition of the Cervélo triathlon bicycle featuring Lamborghini Y-shape details and finished in a stunnig Giallo paint ... limited at only 25 units with a pricetag of about $20,000, this bicycle is long sold out today.

The 2018 Cervélo P5X limited-edition triathlon bicycle with Lamborghini livery

So time for a new Cervélo bicycle, this time based on their R5 model, the Lamborghini edition comes with a camouflage look similar to the one used on the test mule for the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ, and this specific R5 has been accessorized with parts 'made in Italy' only, pricing has been set at $18,000 for this new limited edition Cervélo R5 Automobili Lamborghini Edition.

The Cervélo R5 is a high performance street bike, 63 of these Automobili Lamborghini editions will be made

Only 63 of these bicycles will be made, if you are interested in this new R5 street bike you can order one from the official Cervélo resellers and dealers worldwide.

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