Pirelli's Italia Zandvoort 2004 heading

Pirelli's Italia Zandvoort 2004

Pirelli's Italia Zandvoort 2004

By Mark Smeyers on June 21. 2004 in LamboEVENTS.

The weather forecasts didn't show much good, but fortunately the famous circuit at Zandvoort was again the setting for the, by now, well known Italia à Zandvoort event ...

On Sunday the weather was again great, a lot of sun, some clouds, but more importantly ... many Lamborghini's arrived at the Lamborghini Club Nederland stand.

One of these was a brand new Murciélago e-Gear driven by none other than Valentino Balboni himself, a very nice guy to talk to, always there for a chat about the various Lamborghini's he has driven over the years.

This year was a big success, about 30 different 'bulls' were shown, ranging from the classic 400 GT 2+2, an Espada, an Urraco, several Countach models, a nice selection of Diablo, some very nice Murciélago and naturally the latest Gallardo were represented at Zandvoort.

One of these V10 models, a black one, was even equipped with an intimidating sports exhaust ... making a magnificent 'howl' when passing the straight at high speeds.

The Box music channel was also present at Zandvoort, the Lamborghini's were even used as a background for the announcement of a music video clip, talking about music, Wibi Soerjadi, the famous pianist, also visited Italia à Zandvoort.

This year there won't be a Viva Italia at Assen, but the Italia Zandvoort will make the many visitor's at least as happy, a lot of Lamborghini's, Ferrari's, Maserati and other cars from Italia, some nice shops selling automobilia like the rare factory brochures and nice scale models ... it was surely worth the drive, make sure to catch it next year if you've missed it this time ...

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