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Gallardo PD-Edition by Prior Design

Gallardo PD-Edition by Prior Design

By Mark Smeyers on December 7. 2016 in Gallardo.

We have seen a Prior Design Lamborghini Gallardo before as their impressive PD-L800 widebody kit, but that is not the only option from German-based Prior Design when it comes to adding aerodynamic parts to the previous V10 model from Sant'Agata.

There is also the limited edition PD-Edition kit for the Gallardo, only 50 of these aerodynamic kits will be built, and they totally transform the exterior of the V10 models built between 2003 and 2008, those are the original 5.0 versions (both coupé and spyder) before the LP560-4 took over with the modified bumpers, headlights, and taillights.

Amazing rear view of the limited edition aerodynamic kit from Prior Design for the Gallardo

The Prior Design Edition aerodynamic kit comes with a new front bumper (€ 3,490) that completely replaces the original unit and shows Veneno inspired styling for the large air intakes, a set of side sill fins (€990) with a small vertical upright behind the front wheel, side sill addons (€1,190) that look a bit like the intakes on the side of the Murciélago LP670-4 Super Veloce ahead of the rear wheel, while a new rear bumper (€2,900) took inspiration from the final evolution on the Gallardo LP560-4 with those typical, triangular air vents.

For the side air intakes on the Lamborghini Gallardo you can add inserts (€590) that mimic the ones seen on the V12 Aventador model, if you really want to transform the looks of your Gallardo you can add the optional front bonnet be Prior Design (€3,990) that shows the dual air vent design seen on the Veneno.

Massive 20-inch wheels on this black Lamborghini Gallardo with PD-Edition kit from Prior Design

All parts in the Prior Design Edition kit are made from a Fiberglass-Duraflex mix that gives a smooth finish combined with enough flexibility while still being stable enough for high speeds, installing these parts can be fitted without modifications to keep costs down.

Prior Design offers a special exhaust made from 1.4828 (T309) stainless steel with a programmable control unit, even with remote control, however, this exhaust might not be street legal in your country, so make sure to check this first before installing it. The system controls opening and closing of exhaust valves beyond the regular exhaust system.

The rear of the PD-Edition kit for the Gallardo shows the triangular style from the final Gallardo evolution

When it comes to wheels, Prior Design offers a series of 20-inch forged units in various designs, 9x20 up front and 10.5x20 for the rear, but the customer can also go for a different make and model naturally, add a suspension kit from Prior to lower the Gallardo to the ground.

(Note that the prices listed were correct at the time of writing, check the Prior Design website for up to date pricing and details on how to order)

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