Gallardo LP620-4 Green Beret by Wheelsandmore heading

Gallardo LP620-4 Green Beret by Wheelsandmore

Gallardo LP620-4 Green Beret by Wheelsandmore

By Mark Smeyers on May 24. 2012 in Gallardo.

Wheelsandmore, a German based tuner of high end cars and exotics is making a real name for itself over the last months, remember the amazing looking, military green Murciélago Final Edition LP720-4 from them and the even more impressive Aventador LP777-4 Rabbioso ... or the Chocolate edition ?

Well they now present the Green Beret ... a special tuning package for the Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera, and the best part of it might be those amazing looking wheels once again ... but this time I would say it is the fact the V10 now releases 50 hp more. That's right, we are talking about a Gallardo LP620-4 here, finished in the magnificent Verde Ithaca shade ... hence the Green Beret name given to it by Wheelsandmore.

The by now well-known 6Sporz wheels are naturally an eye catcher on this Green Beret version, and on this specific car the wheels are finished in mat black but receive a nice and bright green ring and the special Wheelsandmore crest on the wheels is also color coded. Up front we are talking about 9x20 inch beauties with 245/30 ZR 20 rubber around them ... at the rear these grow to a massive 11x20 inch and receive 295/25 ZR 20 tires. Do note that there are no Pirelli on the Gallardo LP620-4 Green Beret anymore, Wheelsandmore mount 5p Continental Sport Contact tires instead.

Naturally you can have these three-piece wheels finished in just about any combination the owner prefers, the sky is the limit ... our should that be the size of your bank account is the limit. Still it doesn't stop with the wheels/tires combination, the best is still to come.

Wheelsandmore doesn't stop at cosmetics ... they also went to work on the engine, by re-programming the ECU, mounting a beautiful, handmade exhaust system in stainless steel that even has remote control valves and an even better looking carbon fiber air filter system ... that is also finished in bright green just in case you were wondering ... the V10 now releases an additional 50hp and an extra 50nm of torque.

A power output of 620hp on all four wheels doesn't sound too bad to me, and to get the looks to match this power you will also be able to mount a race derived suspension, more specifically new coilover that are part of the LCS ... Level control system. By using an adjustable rebound and modifying the compression the car can be hydraulically lifted about 1.77 inch ... just what you might need to avoid that curb from scratching the deep front spoiler.

To really create a race look on the Gallardo LP620-4 Green Beret the people at Wheelsandmore went for a mat black finished roof ... does look like the Super Trofeo Stradale right? Anyway this Verde Ithaca Gallardo LP620-4 is just what you might need to be different when you park at the casino in Monaco.

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