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Gallardo by XXX Performance

Gallardo by XXX Performance

By Mark Smeyers on April 26. 2016 in Gallardo.

We can all agree the Lamborghini Huracán has proven to be a worthy successor to the first V10 Lamborghini, the Gallardo, which managed to sell over 14,000 units over a little more than ten years, and with the early models being available at very interesting prices you end up with a completely new kind of owner, looking to turn their new, second hand Gallardo into something totally different compared to when she left the assembly line in Sant'Agata over 10 years ago.

The number of tuners that have aerodynamic parts available for the Lamborghini Gallardo has been growing ever since the model was introduced in 2003, and now we have a German based company to add to this list ... xXx Performance located in Bochum created a very impressive demo car with a wide body conversion wrapped in a stunning black chrome vinyl.

  Note the new Lamborghini Style doors on this wide body Gallardo

Adrian Bomba from xXx Performance took a 2005 Lamborghini Gallardo and installed four, round wheel arch extensions to create this wide body version, a nice custom side sill connects the front and rear fenders perfectly while a widened lower, rear diffuser was added too, now housing not two but four exhaust tips from the xXx Performance sport exhaust ... complete with Bluetooth remote control.

At the rear we also find a clear carbon fiber and glass engine cover with a rear wing in the same lightweight material ... or should that be Superleggera, as both of these items look identical to the ones Lamborghini installed on the special Gallardo Superleggera ... even the carbon fiber rear view mirrors remind us of this lightweight V10.

And that's not all that has been taken from the Lamborghini parts department ... take a look at the front bumper, this is now the more recent LP560-4 version with the more aggressively styled air intakes and the center 'sword' that we would also see on the Aventador and Huracán later on. In fact xXx Performance also replaced the original 2005 taillights with the more recent LP560-4 units with those well-known, triple Y shaped LED lights.

  These round wheel arch extensions on this Gallardo remind me of the ones used on the Countach

Massive 20 inch wheels from mbDesign in an exclusive KV1 Deep Concave design are fitted, 9x20 inch up front and 12x20 inch at the rear, wearing 235/30R20 and 305/25R20 from Hankook respectively (do note that during the 2013 Essen Motor Show one side of this car was fitted with Oxigen wheels and Vredestein Giugiura tires) ... the fact that those massive wheels are set so deeply into the wide fenders is thanks to a G-Ride air suspension kit built specifically for xXx Performance and combined with adjustable KW dampers.

Inside a beautiful black leather upholstery has been installed, featuring some white painted details to comply with the contrasting white stitching on the seats and door panels, which show a very nice Q-Citura inspired stitching pattern ... also note that the doors are now LSD units ... Lamborghini Style Doors that open upward like on the V12 flagship models.

With the impressive, low riding, wide body looks the original V10 engine couldn't be overlooked, so xXx Performance modified the ECU programming, added their own exhaust system and installed BMC carbon fiber air boxes ... the result is an increased power output of 560hp, if you feel that just isn't enough for you xXx Performance offers three stages of Twin Turbo charging ... pumping output to either 850hp or a thundering 1,200hp.

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