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Countach LP400 Speciale

Countach LP400 Speciale

By Mark Smeyers on March 10. 2005 in Countach.

In early 1976, the Lamborghini factory made two very special Countach LP400's, on for Walter Wolf, this one is described on another page on this site, but the second they built had chassis nr. 1.120.222. This one was built the same way as the second Walter Wolf special, but didn't use the 5.0 Liter engine as Wolf did.

The car went to Haiti at first and was finished in blue with gold wheel arch extensions, the interior used the same color scheme, blue over gold.

Nowadays the car is located in Japan, owned by Junichi Yajima, who had the fantastic idea of repainting it in a more normal color, a bright blue you can see on this page, later the wheel arch extensions were repainted again, this time into a satin gloss black.

Also the famous Countach rear wing was installed at some time, since the original blue and gold car didn't feature it when the car left the factory in 1976.

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