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When the first Mansory Aventador was shown just one year after the original car was introduced by Lamborghini people were a little divided on the looks, some loved the way how they managed to turn the new V12 flagship into a very aggressive looking, personal statement while other felt it was over the top ... but back in 2012 the Mansory Aventador was just the start of a very, very impressive evolution.

Only a year later Mansory stunned the visitors of the 2013 Geneva Auto Show with their extreme  Carbonado LP1250 llimited edition, only 6 would be built ... each bespoke to the fortunate customer that put in an order for this completely modified Lamborghini Aventador, as very little of the base car remained once Mansory worked their magic on it to turn it into a street legal race car ... the nr 1/6 was finished in a stunning matte carbon fiber weave that has been developed by Mansory themselves ... in fact it doesn't show the regular weave but a B2 Bomber style triangular shaped weave.

Add the fact the Mansory Carbonado puts down 1250hp onto the road thanks to a couple of turbo chargers and you know this is a very powerful car ... at the 2013 IAA in Frankfurt Mansory had the Carbonado 6/6 on the stand, this one was finished in high gloss carbon fiber with red accents and it marked the end of the production line for this edition ... alongside to it Mansory already showed the next best thing ... the Carbonado Apertos ... a Roadster edition of the Carbonado, number 1/3 as only three would ever be built.

Fast forward to March 2014, at the Geneva Auto Show Mansory upped the ante once again ... the Carbonado GT Stealth Edition shows a further evolution of the design first seen on the original Carbonado only a year ago ... and with a power output of no less than 1,600 hp (1176 kW) achieved by installing a bi-turbo system on the original 700 hp V12, Mansory had to limit the torque to 1,200 Nm to keep the car driveable for their customers ... acceleration figures of only 2.1 seconds from 0 to 100 Km/h and a top speed in excess of 370 Km/h are bound to make a statement.

To keep all those horses behind the driver of the Mansory Carbonado GT cool they installed a massive roof mounted air intake to pull air into the engine compartment, in fact the entire engine cover has been designed with built in ducts to tunnel the cool air exactly where it is needed the most ... form and function, just like Automobili Lamborghini SpA would state it: 'there are no parts just for looks on the Aventador, everything serves a purpose'.

The usual Mansory forged wheels are back again, 9x20 inch up front and 13x21 inch at the back, Pirelli P Zero tires in 255/30 ZR20 and 355/25 ZR21 make sure all those 1,600 raging horses are unleashed onto the street, Mansory has their own autoclave to produce carbon fiber parts, so it comes as no surprise the wheels show fins in this lightweight material.

In fact just about the entire Carbonado GT aerodynamic conversion is made from carbon fiber, the deep front bumper that replaces the original part shows larger air intakes with bespoke driving lights in a fighter jet cluster while a low fin under the bumper keeps the car stable at high speed, on the side of the bumper you'll fins exhaust vents and upright fins that lead air onto the new side sills, which in turn direct air into the wider intake in front of the rear wheels.

Also note the doors once again show the stunning Y-shaped design seen on the original Carbonado, I for one really like that touch by the way, note that the front fenders, which now show vents on top of the wheels, are 40mm wider compared to the factory standard Aventador, at the rear the 'extension' is even bigger at 50mm. The front hood is also replaced by a carbon fiber unit and on the roof you'll encounter the new for the Carbonado GT air intake ... very wide and flat it supplies fresh air into the new engine cover that houses tunnels into the engine compartment.

If you look closely at the new engine cover you'll notice it features quick release levers, just like we see in GT1 racing, there is also a new rear wing installed and instead of adding some parts to the rear Mansory just completely replaces the rear fascia with their own design ... and one very innovative touch: the exhaust pipes have been removed from the lower diffuser, Mansory has installed two massive, hexagon styled tips onto their in-house developed exhaust system ... from the manifolds right up to these tips.

Naturally the interior hasn't been left alone either, beautiful yet durable leather has been used abundantly inside the Carbonado GT, add to this the special carbon fiber and absolutely stunning stitching pattern and you know this is workmanship at the best level possible ... as we are talking about a stealth fighter for road use the ignition button that is hiding under the famous red flap is now mounted overhead instead of being found on the central console.

No word yet on pricing or production figures ... but expect the Carbonado GT Stealth Edition to be expensive ... and rare.

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Aventador Carbonado GT by Mansory

March 3. 2014

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Check out the impressive roof air intake on this Mansory Carbonado GT based on the Lamborghini Aventador.
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For the Carbonado GT Mansory opted to get some exhaust pipes in the famous hexagon shape ...
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A look at the bespoke interior inside the Mansory Carbonado GT, note the special stitching pattern
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Smooth leather, special carbon fiber and a totally innovative stitching pattern are found inside the Mansory Carbonado GT.
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