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2013 Gallardo LP560-4 - Auction details

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Listed at the Dallas auction on Saturday, 19 September 2015 by Mecum Auctions

White body over a White interior

DIDN'T SELL, highest bid USD 140,000

Q-citura diamond stitching

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The most recent listings for Gallardo LP560-4

Chassis ZHWGE5165CLA1247
Sold for US$ 83,450 at the Ascot Racecourse auction in 2020 by Historics at Brooklands.

Chassis ZHWGU5BZXELA13849
Sold for US$ 110,000 at the Las Vegas auction in 2019 by Barrett-Jackson.

Chassis ZHWGU54T59LA08041
Didn't sell, highbid of US$ 88,000 at the Online auction in 2019 by BringATrailer.

Unknown chassis
Didn't sell, highbid of US$ 120,000 at the Portland auction in 2018 by Mecum Auctions.

Chassis ZHWGU5AU1DLA12951
Sold for US$ 126,500 at the Las Vegas auction in 2017 by Barrett-Jackson.

Unknown chassis
Sold for US$ 131,000 at the Tulsa auction in 2014 by Leake.

Chassis ZHWGU54T39LA08619
Sold for US$ 151,000 at the Dallas auction in 2013 by Leake .

Chassis ZHWGU54T29LA07798
Sold for US$ 181,500 at the Scottsdale auction in 2011 by Gooding and Company.

Chassis ZHWGU54T59LA07763
Sold for US$ 198,000 at the Sports and classics of Monterey auction in 2009 by RM Auctions-Sotheby.

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