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1969 Miura P400 S - Auction details

1969 Miura P400 S

Listed at the London auction on Thursday, 24 October 2019 by RM Auctions-Sotheby

Yellow body over a Blue interior

Chassis #4245

Engine #30419

SOLD for GBP 1,248,125 (US$ 1,609,626)

Despite being completed by Lamborghini in September 1969, chassis number 4245 wasn’t acquired by its first owner, Walter Becker of Nürnberg, Germany, until 1971. Sporting Giallo Flay paintwork over a Skay Bleu interior

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Other listings for chassis 4245

Sold for US$ 10,339 at the Oldtimer Grand Prix auction in 2015 by Coys.

The most recent listings for Miura P400 S

Chassis 3874
Sold for US$ 1,160,000 at the The Elkhart Collection auction in 2020 by RM Auctions-Sotheby.

Chassis 4332
Sold for US$ 928,190 at the Automobiles de collection auction in 2020 by Osenat.

Chassis 4109
Sold for US$ 1,435,000 at the Amelia Island auction in 2020 by Gooding and Company.

Chassis 3787
Sold for US$ 1,242,500 at the Scottsdale auction in 2020 by Gooding and Company.

Chassis 4356
Didn't sell at the The Scottsdale Auction auction in 2020 by Bonhams.

Chassis 4863
Didn't sell at the London auction in 2018 by RM Auctions-Sotheby.

Chassis 3802
Sold for US$ 1,155,000 at the Monterey auction in 2018 by Mecum Auctions.

Chassis 4710
Sold for US$ 163,425 at the Collection Gérard Gombert auction in 2016 by Osenat.

Chassis 4863
Sold for US$ 1,128,735 at the Alexandra Palace auction in 2016 by Coys.

Chassis 4782
Didn't sell, highbid of US$ 1,000,000 at the Arizona auction in 2016 by RM Auctions-Sotheby.

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